I have some projects that I like that I don’t really have listed anywhere because they don’t really fit anywhere. Here’s those, in no particular order, but probably it is recency.


During AGDQ, I participated in a game jam, GAMES MADE QUICK???. CYBER DEFENSE 2200 is the result of that. It’s a fairly simple-minded space shooter, with a very 8-bit aesthetic, not the least because it uses fixed point math, software rasterization and a RGB332 palette throughout. There’s a soundtrack with four tracked songs, and @SaltyTuna made some cute art for the title/game over/you win screens!

Cyber Defense 2200 screenshot.

You can find a few binaries (Windows, Ubuntu, OS X) on itch.io. Source code, including source for the music and the 3D models, is available on github.


Quasicrystals-Bot is a twitter and mastodon bot that generates short, looping, animated gifs of quasi-crystal like structures and then posts them. What they look like varies greatly, here are some examples:

Quasicrystal gif loop. Quasicrystal gif loop. Quasicrystal gif loop.

You can follow the bot on twitter or mastodon, and you can even request to have it generate a gif seeded with your own handle, your own, personal quasi-crystal (just send it a mention). You can also check out its source code on github if you are curious how it works – be warned, though, it is particularly terrible. On twitter, it follows some other algorithmic art bots – if you know one it doesn’t, or if you made one, even, let me know, I’m a big fan of such things!