hello. I'm halcy / Lorenz Diener. here's some things:

I have a recently reopened blog.


I work as a research assistant at the Cognitive Systems Laboratory at the University of Bremen on Silent Speech. Some recent publications of mine:

I also have a resume (in german).


social media:

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less-than-instant messaging:

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I am one of the founders and a member of demoscene group SVatG.

A recent favourite release of ours: two hundred (nintendo 3DS)

I have a pouet account.

project graveyard

Some less dead ones:

Some more dead ones:

other links

very serious and important:

less serious and important:


As required by german law.

Verantwortlich für diese Webseite im Sinne von §5 TMG ist:

Lorenz Diener
Richard-Wagner-Str. 2b
28209 Bremen


I hope you'll have a wonderful day today. love, halcy.