hello. I'm halcy / Lorenz Diener. here's some things:
hi again!

I'm Lorenz, a programmer, 3D artist and researcher (CS, ML, focussed on audio) from Germany, working for MS in Estonia. Online, I mostly use the handle "halcy".

If you want to read some long form writing from me, you can do that here.

if you need to contact me, the best way to reach me is e-mail: lorenzd+web@gmail.com, though mastodon / fedi or discord will also generally work.


I work as a researcher at Microsoft Estonia on MS Teams. Before that, I worked at the Cognitive Systems Laboratory at the University of Bremen on Silent Speech, Brain-Computer-Interfaces and Machine Learning.

There's a list of my publications here.

I'm not currently looking for work, but if you're interested in anything I've done, please do not hesitate to contact me!

social / contact

social media:

instant messaging:

less-than-instant messaging:

I've writtten some code that lets you easily interface and play with the StyleGAN2 AnimeFace and DeepDanbooru models, allowing you to generate and project images (StyleGAN2) or perform classification and Grad-Cam mapping.

Demo video on youtube.

You can find the source code for these notebooks on github, or run them directly on Google Colab: StyleGAN2 Playground, DeepDanbooru Playground.

I've made a few video games, like cyber defense 2200 and cat game. You can find more on my projects page.

I'm also the primary author and maintainer of Mastodon.py.

Other assorted projects, or have a look at my github.

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I am one of the founders and a member of demoscene group SVatG.

A recent favourite release of ours: skate station (nintendo 3DS), featuring music by wrl and some mocap recorded by me.

I also sometimes post shaders on shadertoy

other links and accounts

very serious and important:

less serious and important:


I'm a self-taught 3D artist with some experience in character and environment modeling as well as vfx, using Blender and Substance.

I have a portfolio on artstation, and the next few boxes show a few of my favourite works of mine.

I also made a tutorial for how to rig and export characters for VSeeFace using Blender, which a few people have found useful.


here's some links to websites of friends and acquaintances:

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I hope you'll have a wonderful day today. love, halcy.