Hi! I’m halcy! If you’re reading this, you probably know me already, or (as there surely are a lot of posts here now) like scrolling back in archives. I used to have a proper blog, but I got tired of it and deleted it, and it probably wasn’t a very good blog anyways.

In this blog, I’d like to write a bit about machine learning and its applications to what I do in my research, mostly speech processing. I think those are topics that people think are very hard and complicated and black magic, but in reality, they actually aren’t. If everything goes as planned, I’ll start writing a bit about maybe neural networks, and about how to build really basic speech recognizers (and about speech synthesis afterwards). First, though, I’ll try updating the projects page and my home page, since there’s a few things I made that I really like that aren’t really listed anywhere.

Anyways, lets hope I actually manage to not completely lose interest after two weeks. Hopefully, the work that went into making the theme is enough to make me actually want to get some use out of it (here’s an example of all it can do). If you like, you can follow me via RSS (The extremely large icon on the left), but if you follow me on Any Social Media At All, I’ll probably be cross-posting articles there, also.

If you’re curious about using Pelican, the site-generator that runs this, yourself, I have my config and theme up on github.

Here’s to another try at this!